Strandja Mountain is the perfect vacation spot

It is not a very popular mountain, mainly because of its remote and border geography. The large number of protected natural areas, protected rare species of flora and fauna around the mountain, the distinctive culture and folklore of these lands preserved until today, together with the historical and cultural monuments of several epochs, the crossroad location between Europe and Asia, as well as the wonderful climate, make Strandja attractive and interesting. “The enchanting mountain” or “Mountain of eternal return” – once visited, the person returns again to feel its magic, a part of which are unique species of plants that survived through the millennia.

The vision of “peaceful and ancient mountain”, a magnet for visitors and nature lovers. Tourists can enjoy horse riding, cycling, bird watching and long walks in the beautiful and wonderful nature.

The views of Strandja  Mountain are fascinating and unforgettable from its wide mountain ridges. Folded rounded ridges covered with forests form an endless chain. The villages with their pastures, meadows and small fields are scattered sparsely on the slopes of this endless green sea. This is the landscape in the region where greenery grows – in the east of the mountains, between the villages of Slivarevo, Vizitsa, Bulgari and Brodilovo, Kosti, and also to the south in Turkey – Sislioba, Derekyoy, Bedzhendik. There are the picturesque meanders of the rivers Veleka and Rezovska.

Strandja Mountain offers a wide range of tourist destinations and separate routes that are presented on this site (see under “Tours”). The network of hiking trails is diverse with extensive potential for development and improvement. The designed routes are very good basis for active and enjoyable use of time for rest and recreation in day trips in Strandja and during longer stays. In preparing the routes, combined specific natural and anthropogenic resources of the mountain, are taken into account.

Travels through Strandja Mountain provide opportunities for recreation and socializing with the local population; participation in cultural attractions, local festivals and celebrations; cognitive and educational components of sustainable and environmentally friendly forms of tourism for adults and children.

Here you can witness an ancient pagan custom – fire-dancing. The traditions of the indigenous people are interesting where “woven” pieces of the ancient history of the region can be found.

In the section “Routes” we have indicated a part of the appropriate paths / routes through the mountain that shares its unique nature with travelers and nature lovers. If you know other routes, regardless of which side of the mountain, and would like to share them, we will be happy to enrich our database. We hope this site will continue to evolve and with your help, to facilitate the development of environmentally sustainable tourism in the mountains.