The following activities with their results were conducted during the project:


  1. Collecting database

Collecting database for the Strandja Mountain, describing landmarks and mountain trekking and cycling routes where can be observed unique flora of the mountain, places where can be observed birds, mammals, interesting natural formations, places with spectacular views.


2. Building a Web platform

An Internet platform was built in 3 languages – It contains digital map of the mountain routes, places to visit. The platform will play a leading role as an “online guide” for the border region.


3. Issuance of a guide and a map “Unique Strandja”

A luxury travel guide for Strandja, including the entire mountain on both sides of the border including landmarks, hiking trails, places for observation of animals and plants was issued in English.

The guide was also issued on CDs (compact discs).

A map with the most interesting trekking and cycling routs and landmarks was issued.

Both products will be distributed free at tourist centers, family hotels, libraries, community centers, NGOs.


4. Seminar “The unique natural heritage of Strandja.” was held

A two days seminar in Kirklarely. Experts presents unique plant species in Strandja, species diversity -, photos, location, important data for their protection, etc. Presentation by experts from Bulgarian and Turkish side were presented.


5. Seminar “New opportunities for sustainable tourism in the border region Strandja” was held

A two days seminar was held in Tsarevo It presented opportunities for sustainable tourism development in Strandja mountain, related with nature – wild fauna and flora, to discuss the best practices in tourism and the development of protected areas in the country and abroad, to present the Bulgarian, European and world trends in the alternative, rural and environmentally friendly tourism, some financial instruments for sustainable tourism and investment in protected areas.


6. Roundtable “Factors for sustainable tourism in Strandja”

On 22.10.2016, there was held a round table under the title “Factors for Sustainable Tourism in Strandja”.

Several presentations linked to the future of tourism in the region were made. Key presenters were as follows:

Nazir Karacam, “From legends to our days”. Mr. N. KARACAM is a leading local researcher and presented the potential of the region from a historical perspective (history of the area / from ancient times to the present day). Mr. M.SAYGIN presented also the great potential of the riparian (longos) forests of National Park “Igneada”. He drew attention to the risks and threats to the wealth of this part of Strandja, the main threats being the disposal of waste in the lakes, diverting of water from the local population, the yield of stone etc. and on the ideas for the development of energy sector in the area.

About the forestry resources spoke Fikri ERBAŞ, former director of the Forestry – Kırklareli. On the whole the Turkish tourist community and the local population take very seriously the environmental threats coming from various investment plans such as extraction of inert materials / thermal power plant – Ineada – there is a lawsuit in progress with the government for the development of the nuclear power plant project; Poaching remains a major threat – the population of wild pigs is greatly increased, at the expense of the endangered representatives of forest fauna – the roe and the deer.

The last presentation was made Dr. ALİ ÇAKIR from Edirne University.