Странджанска горска пътека

The trail starts about 200 meters before the waterfall Dokuzak, on the right from the road Malko Tarnovo - with. Stoilovo.
At the beginning it goes along an old forest road that climbs through a mixed pine-oak forest. After about 5 minutes normal pace from the starting point of the path, on the left beneath it a “forest sniper" is mounted - gaming facility through which 7 species of trees and shrubs typical of Strandja can be recognized. After about 15 minutes another facility that introduces woodpeckers is placed. The trail continues to climb the hill and reaches the bare ridge, where an information board about mushrooms is placed. To the left of the trail is the oldest tree in the region – 800 year-old oak "blagun".

Веломаршрут „Покрай Велека до Морето“ 2

The route starts with the village of Zabernovo and heads south along an old dirt road. After about 2 km it runs along "St. George" chapel, where in the altar a votive tablet of the Thracian Horseman is built. After a short descent it reaches Shtramnitsa river. It continued past it up to its flow with Veleka river. After that it runs along Veleka, along a forest road following the multiple bends of the river. After 10 km it reaches the area of Kachul (16 km from the starting point).

Cycling route „Along Veleka to the sea“ 1

The route starts from Malko Tarnovo along the asphalt road to the north and reaches Stoilovo village. Then it exits from the east side of the village and continues along a forest path, descends past the St. Ilia fountain and through several sloping hills reaches Konchovo site. From there the trail continues to Velechki kolibi (Thracian camp), wadding the river Veleka through a ford, and along its left bank, on a gravel road reaches Kachul site. Then it passes the bridge over the main road Tsarevo - Malko Tarnovo and on a gravel road continues along the right bank of the river. Next it reaches Kosti village, in which environs Strandja periwinkle bloom can be seen in May.

Malko Tarnovo – Polezhanovo site

Malko Tarnovo is located 75 kilometers south of Burgas on the main international road to Turkey. There are enough interesting places in the town for a visitor to spend a few pleasant hours. The historical museum is situated in five old Strandja houses. The Church “Uspenie Bogorodichno” (Dormition of the Mother of God), in the center of the town, is built in 1830 on the site of a Thracian sanctuary. The Catholic Church “Sveta Troitsa” (Holy Trinity), the large and small “vris” (spring) are also in the city center. From Malko Tarnovo to Polezhanovo site there are about 4 km. The road runs along Dyado Gyorgevoto vrisle and crosses Tsarnogovskata river.

To the Thracian sanctuary „Kamaka“ (The Stone)

To the Thracian sanctuary „Kamaka“ (The Stone)

The remarkable ancient Thracian sanctuary - a complex of incised into the rock stone circles, is located near the road Malko Tarnovo - Gramatikovo in Kamenska Barchina site, 12 km away from Malko Tarnovo in the direction of Tsarevo.

Known as the "stone" or "Proviraloto", the sanctuary represents different sized convex or concave stone circles and small pools in the rock. Part of it is a natural phenomenon - high stone shaped like a mushroom, on the top of which there is a small pool, and at its foot there is a crevice known as "Proviraloto." Believers come here to go through it and to get purified from sins.

Malko Tarnovo – Hizhata (The hut)

Hizhata (The Hut) is one of the famous places in Malko Tarnovo. The former real hut today has been turned into a tourist information center, located about 2.5 km from the town, on a steep hill with access only by car and on a dirt road. The place is special with the view, which reveals towards Malko Tarnovo and the whole area around. There are several hiking trails to the hut, which climb the hill on a steeper path, or on a roundabout but lighter variation of the route. Interesting along the road is the monastery Saint Trinity – a small chapel with a fountain, comfortable tables and gazebos to relax.

To the monastery in Pryaslopa site

To the monastery in Pryaslopa site

The route starts from the former hotel above Malko Tarnovo. Then crosses the asphalt road and takes up an old forest road through beech-oak forest. The route turns left off the road and winds across granite rocks similar to moraines. Here ends the climb and the route leads to Saint Trinity monastery with a fountain build up, situated among vineyards and small cottages. Above it there is a shelter to rest for about 20 people. From here a panorama is revealed to Golyamo gradishte peak and the mountain across the Bulgarian border.

Gradishteto – Mishkova niva

Gradishteto – Mishkova niva

Mishkova Niva sanctuary is one of the most curious sites near Malko Tarnovo. It is part of a larger historical complex with rich millenary history, passing through several eras. The sanctuary itself consists of a necropolis, a Roman suburban villa and the so called Large tomb. Together with the Big Gradishte fort, located on the peak of the same name and the mines under it, form the entire complex.

Peak Golyamo gradishte (long route)

Malko Tarnovo - Mishkova niva site - Golyamo gradishte peak – Sirakovo site – Propada site – Malko Tarnovo
The route starts from Malko Tarnovo, in the south direction, climbing along a marked path to Pryaslopat site, which reaches the border facility (wire enclosures) gateway. Then along a forest path smooth ascent to Mishkova niva site with remains of Thracian cult complex. The road again climbs (about 3 km) smoothly and reaches Keremidchiev chukar site. From here 30 min. steep climb leads to Golyamo gradishte peak and the remains of a Thracian fortress. At about 30 km southwest from the highest point on the top the soil rock kept rock cuts. The traces of rock cuts on top of the peak in the form of pits suggest that in an earlier period, probably in 2nd – beginning of 1st millennium BC in this place saxatile sanctuary existed, which in later periods began to function as a fortress. Survived for millennia, the site has not been archaeologically studied.

Peak Golyamo gradishte (short route)

Golyamo gradishte is the highest peak of Strandja on the Bulgarian territory. However, it is the lowest of all the mountain peaks in Bulgaria with its 710 m altitude.

The route starts from the main road from Malko Tarnovo to Turkey – about 2 km before the border checkpoint - there is an information plate that introduces the Gradishteto site. The route starts on a dirt road and at the first junction, where there is a sign for Golyamo Gradiste peak, it goes to the left. From there it is slowly going up, soon into the wood, with the slope gradually increasing, but it is not difficult to climb.