Malko Tarnovo – Mishkova niva site – Golyamo gradishte peak – Sirakovo site – Propada site – Malko Tarnovo


Length: 11 km
Elevation: 250 m
Route: hiking, cycling, easy
Season: all seasons; most beautiful during spring
Duration: 5 h
Starting / end point: Gradishteto site( 41.971102, 27.479034 )


The route starts from Malko Tarnovo, in the south direction, climbing along a marked path to Pryaslopat site, which reaches the border facility (wire enclosures) gateway. Then along a forest path follows smooth ascent to Mishkova Niva site with remains of Thracian cult complex. The road again climbs (about 3 km) smoothly and reaches Keremidchiev chukar site. From here 30 min. steep climb leads to Golyamo gradishte peak and the remains of a Thracian fortress. At about 30 km southwest from the highest point on the top the soil rock kept rock cuts. The traces of rock cuts on top of the peak in the form of pits suggest that in an earlier period, probably in 2nd – beginning of 1st millennium BC in this place saxatile sanctuary existed, which in later periods began to function as a fortress. Survived for millennia, the site has not been archaeologically studied.

From the peak a wide panoramic view of internal Strandja is opened. The path goes to the North down through young coniferous and oak woods and leads to the border gateway. Then it crosses the international road and goes down the gravel road to Sirakovo site. Continues along the Sushitsa ravine and after about 1.5 kilometers descends to Propada countryside. On the left, along a marked path it leads to the Thracian-Roman necropolis and tombs.

The way back to Malko Tarnovo is along an old asphalt road and takes about 40 minutes.