Length: 5 km
Elevation: 185 m
Route: hiking, cycling, easy
Season: all seasons; most beautiful during spring
Duration: 2 h
Starting / end point: Malko Tarnovo (41.980673, 27.525287)


Hizhata (The Hut) is one of the famous places in Malko Tarnovo. The former real hut today has been turned into a tourist information center, located about 2.5 km from the town, on a steep hill with access by car only on a dirt road. The place is special with the view, which reveals towards Malko Tarnovo and the whole area around. There are several hiking trails to the hut, which climb the hill on a steeper path, or on a roundabout but lighter variation of the route. Interesting along the road is the monastery Saint Trinity – a small chapel with a fountain, comfortable tables and gazebos to relax.