Malko TarnovoVoditzata sitethe TV towerStoilovska chuchurika siteDokuzak waterfallMalko Tarnovo


Length: 12 km
Elevation: 200 m
Route: hiking, easy
Season: all seasons; most beautiful during spring
Duration: 5 h
Starting / end point: Malko Tarnovo (41.980673, 27.525287)


The route starts from Malko Tarnovo on the road to Tsarevo. It reaches a pine grove, deviates to the right and on a marked trail climbs to the Driver’s vrisle. In Bunkera site it reaches the ridge and follows it to the north. To the right there are some of the rare for Strandja evergreen shrubs red juniper (juniperus species).


It reaches the TV tower. From the ridge a view to the Malko Tarnovo valley, Golyamo gradishte peak and the highest part of Turkish Strandja is revealed. The trail descends to the north-west, along the forest path, following the boundaries of the reserve Sredoka. It reaches Stoilovska chuchurika site, again descends on a forest road to Dokuzak waterfall, where there is a shelter built. The route continues along the Dokuzak springs and returns to Malko Tarnovo.