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Length: 16.5 km
Elevation: 110 m
Route: hiking, medium difficulty
Season: all seasons; most beautiful during spring
Duration: 7 h
Starting / end point: Malko Tarnovo (41.980673, 27.525287)


The legend of Valchanov bridge says that was built in 1800 and had a length of 15 meters, height above water – 6 m, width – between 1.5 and 2 meters, its cost was 40,000 pennies and Valchan bequeathed to the church in Malko Tarnovo 20,000 pennies for maintenance. How long exactly this unique rebel bridge survived, is unknown. Later, already in the 20th century the road Malko Tarnovo – Malak Samokov is graveled and a stable stone bridge built.

The route starts from Malko Tarnovo on the southeast, past the town stadium and after about 1.5 km reaches Dyadovoto Gyorgyovo vrisle site, where a recreation area is built. Along the road you can see oak-lazhnik trees, which grow only in Strandja. After about three kilometers the path reaches Mahalata site and the gateway border facility. Then it continues to the south and leads to Pengyovo site. From here the trail descends for about 2 km to Valchanov bridge over the river Rezovska. Leaving the old gravel road, it goes down a path along the river, against the current. After about two kilometers it reaches up to one big bend of the river, which circles a high hill on top of which remains of unexplored ancient fortress are found, then continues to climb gradually, returning to the old gravel road back to Malko Tarnovo.