Malko Tarnovo – Stoilovo village – Velechki kolibi site (Thracian camp) – Kachul site – Kosti village – Brodilovo village – Sinemorets village


Length: 36 km
Elevation: 340 m
Route: cycling, difficult
Season: during the dry days of the year; most beautiful during spring
Duration: 7 h
Starting point: Malko Tarnovo (41.980673, 27.525287)
End point: the village of Sinemorets (42.060122, 27.973120)


The route starts from Malko Tarnovo along the asphalt road to the north and reaches Stoilovo village. Then it exits from the east side of the village and continues along a forest path, descends past the St. Ilia fountain and through several sloping hills reaches Konchovo site. From there the trail continues to Velechki kolibi (Thracian camp), wadding the river Veleka through a ford, and along its left bank, on a gravel road reaches Kachul site. Then it passes the bridge over the main road Tsarevo – Malko Tarnovo and on a gravel road continues along the right bank of the river.


the village of Kosti

Next it reaches Kosti village, in which environs Strandja periwinkle bloom can be seen in May.


Strandja periwinkle

Then it gets across the left bank of the river and goes past “Kalkata” protected area. Here, Veleka becomes deeper and slower. Along the dirt road, near which meadows and ancient forests alternate, it reaches Brodilovo village, nestled at the foot of Golyama Papia peak.


the church of Brodilovo

From Brodilovo, along a dirt road the trail climbs high above the left bank of the river, exits onto the main road Tsarevo – Sinemorets at Tserat site, and along it and on the right it reaches Sinemorets village.

*River right/left bank is determined by standing with your back at the river source and facing the sea or the estuary.