Length: 3.5 km
Elevation: 100 m
Route: hiking, cycling, easy
Season: all seasons; most beautiful during spring
Duration: 1 h
Starting point: the village of Stoilovo (42.038862, 27.517689)
End point: Dokuzak waterfall (42.022912, 27.502803)



Dokuzak waterfall is located along the asphalt road from Stoilovo village to Malko Tarnovo. It can be seen if you travel by car and pull off the road. If you have already reached Stoilovo village and want to walk you can follow the description below. This is not a tourist route and therefore is not marked. The route starts from the center of Stoilovo, on the south along the road. After about 2 kilometers the river Aydere is crossed and shortly after the bridge, among the threes, there is a nice place to relax with a fountain.

Then the road begins to wind along the rived Dokuzak and leads to the waterfall, which falls on the right side. Dokuzak river springs from nine karst springs (hence is its name which in Turkish means “nine springs”). There are information boards, wooden railings and a large bower.


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