Coordinates: 42.366739, 27.708083

They are located on Black Sea coast, 7 km south of Sozopol, near the old road to Primorsko, immediately after Holiday Village Dunes (1 km).

The place is popular with the name “drivers’ beach”, because of the proximity of the asphalt road to the beach. Alepu marsh is located at the foot of the Bakarlaka hills and Kukuv Bair to the north and Andrea Bair to the south, opposite the bay enclosed by Agalina cape to the north and Humata cape to the south.

The sand dunes were declared a protected area in 1984, and Alepu marsh – in 1986 in order to protect the habitats of endangered and rare water bird species, the sand dunes, as well as the water chestnut. Both sites belong to the category “natural landmark”.

In 2002 they were granted an international status because they are on the territory of Ropotamo.

The name Alepu comes from the Greek Alepu (αλεπού) and means “fox” – hence fox’s marsh. One of the theories about the origin of the name is that it was as sly as a fox – sometimes it connected with the sea, and sometimes it drew away from it. This certainly happened long before an asphalt road was built between the marsh and the dunes.

The marsh is about 3.3 km long and up to 320 m wide. Its area is 0.2 km ², and its salinity is between 1.3-7.0 ‰. It is a lagoon marsh. By origin it is a firth and is separated from the sea by a strip of interesting sand dunes. The area is an important habitat for many endangered species of water birds. Along with the sand dunes, it is a valuable and important conservation area. Alepu is a popular place for nature lovers to watch rare birds as the marsh is a stop – a place to rest for migrating birds on the Via Pontica route. It is also a place for wintering of some bird species.