Length: 65 km
Elevation: 415 m
Altitude acquired/lost: 1403 m; -1398 m
Average slope: 4 %
Route: cycling, moderate
Season: all seasons, most beautiful during spring
Duration: 5 – 6 h
Start point: Demirkyoy town (41.824904, 27.769053) – circular route
Road surface: asphalt, macadam


The route offers a good opportunity to enjoy beautiful beaches, clean sea, broad-leaved forests and beautiful river scenery when crossing the river Bulanik.

From the center of Demirkyoy town the route goes east to İğneada on road D565. Then it descends for 2.5 km along the asphalt road. Following are five kilometers smooth climb through the southern slopes of Strandja. After 27 km (from the beginning) it reaches the village of İğneada and the sandy beach.

The route goes back the on same way to a road junction at 4.5 km from İğneada, where there is an information board introducing the Longos national park of İğneada. Here it turns left on macadam road and after 500 meters leads to a farm with a recreation area around it. It continues on the road through a broad-leaved forest, passes through a protected forest area and after eight kilometers reaches the valley of the river Bulanik (Bulanik dere). Then it crosses (wades) the river by a ford. The river has swept away the bridge years ago and to pass it you may need to carry your bicycle by hand. In the summer months of low water crossing the riverbed is not a problem because the water level is low, but in the winter and spring months, at high water, the depth of the ford reaches one meter. At about 5 km after the river the route runs along a fountain.

The route continues on hard macadam pavement to the village of Sivriler, from where it goes out on asphalt. Then it takes northwest and after 15 km reaches the starting point – the town of Demirkyoy.