Length: 4 km
Elevation: 164 m
Route: hiking, cycling, easy
Season: all seasons, most beautiful in spring
Duration: 4 h
Start / End point 3.6 km. from Kızılagac village (41.715977, 27.847727) – circular route

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The route starts from the main road between Kızılagac and Sivriler – at about 3.6 km from Kızılagac. There is a turn off to the left in the direction Kızılagac – Sivriler (southwest), from which a dirt road starts, along which after 10-15 minutes, you enter into a riparian forest. After a short descent the route reaches the river and takes upstream along a forest road. The climb down is smooth. Along the way beautiful river landscapes are revealed and in places you reach the river bank. The valley is incredibly beautiful. To tour this picturesque area with waterfalls, swift currents, rapids and river vegetation, you can follow different paths – passing near the river bed, through a forest and rocky terrain or paths circling the river valley from above, at a distance from the river waters. The big waterfall is reached in the middle of the route. Then it continues upstream the river and climbs up to the end point.