Coordinates: 41.840556, 27.555833

Dupnitsa Cave is one of the most important ecosystems which is qualified as wetland in 2003. It takes place in southwest of Sarpdere village which is linked to Demirkyoy. The total length of Dupnitsa cave is 2720 m. Kuru and Kiz Cave are situated above Dupnitsa and Sulu Cave is 50-60 m below. The only entrance is 345 m. above the sea level, the cave’s end is 61 m. above the entrance.


Tourism isn’t allowed in Kiz Cave because of bats. Sulu and Kuru caves are not fully opened for tourists – only 250 m. of Sulu and 200 m of Kuru are allowed for tourists. You can enter Kuru cave all the year because there are no bats in it. On the other hand, Sulu Cave is closed to tourists from 15 November to 15 May because of bats. In Kuru and Sulu Caves, there are pendants, stalagmites, columns and stalactite pools which have colors of white, red and brown tones.

Dupnitsa is one of the most known caves in Turkey and has important underground habitants –  there are 11 kinds of 60 000 bats and 184 cave invertebrates. There is continuous flow of underground river with lots ponds deep 2 meters. You can go both on a picnic and trekking near the area where Dupnitsa cave is located.