Length: about 14 km
Elevation: 84 m
Route: hiking, cycling, easy
Season: all seasons, most beautiful in spring
Duration: 4 h


Hamam lake is reachable through a dirt road which enters into the forest. After passing around the lake you reach the beach side of the lake and a soiled stream. After around 2.5 km you enter again into the forest and reach the Mert lake circumventing İğneada. You can avoid scratching your legs by wearing long trousers instead of shorts. There are numerous springs in the forest, with high water during the spring, but you must get a bottle of water for the route – no clean water on the road. When you look at the route it may look easy to you. However, the bushes in the forest and the stream crossings will tire you out. The hiking trail in the woods is marked and there are places where you can stop to rest for a while. Sur-rounded by flooded forest and oak forest on the west, the lake is located in a specially pro-tected area which hosts a black stork population. That area is part of the birds’ migration routes to Africa. A significant number of storks and other birds use the lake to rest and drink water during the autumn migration, and also for reproduction, nutrition and housing. This area is an important place for breeding species like white-tailed eagle, the lesser spotted eagle, bittern, black stork, black woodpecker, middle spotted woodpecker, white-backed woodpeckers and warblers. In the rich logos forests grow trees and plants that must be pro-tected, the chestnut is one of them. The flora around the lakes includes also snowdrops, white lily, reed, narrow-leaved reed, creeping on the floating islands plant and etc.