Length: 63 km
Elevation: 180 m
Altitude acquired/lost: 434 m; – 589 m
Average slope: 2 %
Route: cycling, moderate
Season: all seasons, most beautiful during spring
Duration: 5 h
Start point: Kirklarely (41.734722, 27.225277)
End point Edirne (41.66944, 26.555555)
Road surface: asphalt

The route starts from the center of Kırklareli town to the southwest, following steadily the main road D20 to Edirne.

At the beginning of the route, immediately after the sign plate indicating the exit of the town, there is a detour to the right, leading to the Mehmetçik Koruluğu (“Robin”) park with built recreation places.

You can reach the park entrance along an asphalt road in poor condition, at 600 meters from the exit of the main road. From here you can follow an alternative route along a dirt road past the southern boundary of the park to the protected area Kırklareli Valiliği Cumhuriyet Korusu. There the route makes a wide turn to the left through the area and returns to the main road to Edirne (the inclusion is at 3 km after the turnoff to the park).

At about 16 km from the start point, after the village of Inece, to the right of the road there is a fountain and a pine forest with built recreation places. Here you can spend the night in a tent. Further the route passes through the villages of Urunlu, Haskyoy, Sogutludere, Iskander and reaches the end point – the town of Edirne.