Length: 69 km
Elevation: 13 m
Altitude acquired/lost: 714 m; – 869 m
Average slope: 1 %
Route: cycling, easy
Season: all seasons, most beautiful during spring
Duration: 5 h
Start point: Kirklarely (41.734722, 27.225277)
End point Edirne (41.66944, 26.555555)
Road surface: asphalt


The route starts from the center of Kırklareli on the west to the village of Eriklice. It reaches the village after 4.5 kilometers and heads towards the village of Kyoyunbaba, in which there is an old Christian church used as a mill 50 years ago.

The route continues to the northwest and after 20 km reaches the town of Suloglu. Then it changes the direction and heads to southwest, passes consecutively through the villages of Geckinli, Haciumur, Demirhanli and Musabeyli. From the last village to the center of Edirne the remaining distance is 16.5 km.