Coordinates: 42.1231011, 27.1542069 

In the area of Dolno Yabalkovo village is situaed the Thracian sanctuary “Golemiyat kamak”, called “Markov kamak” by the locals – it was declared a natural monument in 1973.

The slope, where Markov kamak lies, is turned to the west-southwest and is covered with numerous rocks and boulders. The rounded granite megalith is egg-shaped, with a dameter of about 9 m and a height of about 8 m. The stone enters the ground rock in such a way that at the bottom there is a free passage left, through which a person can pass.

At its rounded peak, two caldron-like grooves are cut out. At the side of the bigger one there is a gully flowing, and on the ground rock beneath it there is another groove with a gully alongside. Many of the scattered near Markov stone boulders also have carved plates and wells on their surfaces.

Especially well shaped are two diametrically situated circular indentations, on a two-meter block seated approximately 20 m away from Markov kamak. Even today it is believed that one should pass through the crevice beneath the stone for “health”, and that the water, collected in the coves is healing.

As for any place in Strandja, for Markov kamak too, many legends are preserved. One of them tells how once Krali Marko started on a journey and stopped at this place to rest. While he was resting, a pebble touched the hand of the hero, he nudged it, the pebble broke off and fell down. Krali Marko didn’t see it, stepped over it and went on his way, but the rock still preserves his footprints. There is a belief that those who pass three times through the gap will be healed and will have their wishes fulfilled. If a woman cannot conceive, she should take a piece of stone and “silent” water. Water should be kept under starry skies overnight. When the next day the woman drinks it, she will be able to conceive.
In Dolno Yabalkovo there are no accommodation facilities, but the residents are very hospitable and will not leave you on the road. You will be warmly welcome,
they will tell you about their village and will treat you with the traditional for the village cabbage pie and homemade yogurt.