Coordinates: 42.022500, 28.009750

Silistar is the southernmost protected area on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. It is located between the villages of Sinemorets and Rezovo. It stretches to the south of the mouth of the small river Potamyata, which flows into the sea at the beach southern beach of Sinemorets – Botamyata and reaches almost to the village of Rezovo.

The size of Silistar is 773 ha and it is located on the territory of Natural Park Strandja. It is a coastal wetland with an indented rocky shore. The name of the area comes from the name of a small river which flows into the Black Sea.

Here are some of the largest preserved white dunes along the entire Black sea coast.

There are large communities of lilies. Lipite Bay is part of the protected area and consists of curved sandy area that is directly related to the forest. The beach is known as one of the most beautiful wild places on the Black Sea coast.


In one of the deepest fjords, located in the northern part of Silistar, there is an abundance of geranium and other typical forest species such as maidenhair spleenwort. Typical of the protected area are species such as sea holly, fig and sea lavender. In the higher parts of the area you can see campion, jurinea tzar-ferdinandii and German knotweed.

Eighteen species of the fish recorded in the protected area inhabit the coastal waters. Of these the sea eel, Rezovski shad, and pearl mullet are included in the Red Book of Bulgaria.

Together with Mouth of Veleka River Protected Area, Silistar Protected Area is listed among the most important wetlands in Bulgaria, with a significant importance for the preservation of water birds.

The mouth of Silistar River can be reached on foot and it takes about 3 hours if you start south of Butamyata bay near Sinemorets and go along the Black Sea coast.