Length: 28 km
Elevation: 180 m
Altitude acquired/lost: 366 m; – 366 m
Average slope: 2 %
Route: cycling, easy
Season: all seasons, most beautiful during spring
Duration: 2 h – 2 h 30 min
Starting/end point: Kirklarely (41.734722, 27.225277) – circular route
Road surface: asphalt, macadam


The route starts from the center of Kırklareli to the northwest direction, along the asphalt road to the village of Eriklice. It goes past the village and follows the road for another 8 km, reaches a junction, where goes right onto a macadam road. The road runs past two fountains. After about two kilometers it reaches Kayalikyoy dam, built in 1975-1986 on the bank of the river Teke Cayi, descending from Strandja. From there you can see the dam wall, 68.70 meters high. Camping is allowed on the lake. You can spend the night in the shelter of the pine trees just before the dam. Farther the route continues for 3.5 km along the dam wall, until the beginning of an asphalt road. Then it turns right on it, passes by a fountain and a junction, and after about 2 km reaches a second junction, when it turns right, in south direction to the town of Kırklareli. After 6.5 km it reaches the town.