Length: 12 km
Elevation: 200 m
Route: hiking, cycling, easy
Season: all seasons; most beautiful during spring
Duration: 2 h
Starting point: Malko Tarnovo (41.980673, 27.525287)
End point: Kamenska barchina site (42.008433, 27.591013)


The remarkable ancient Thracian sanctuary – a complex of incised into the rock stone circles, is located near the road Malko Tarnovo – Gramatikovo in Kamenska Barchina site, 12 km away from Malko Tarnovo in the direction of Tsarevo.

Known as “The stone” or “Proviraloto”, the sanctuary represents different sized convex or concave stone circles and small pools in the rock. Part of it is a natural phenomenon – high stone shaped like a mushroom, on the top of which there is a small pool, and at its foot there is a crevice known as “Proviraloto.” Believers come here to go through it and to get purified from sins. Visitors believe, that he who succeed to pass through the slot, will ensure himself health and happiness during the year. Unlike the difficult (narrow and high) crevice of St. Marina, that of Kamenska Barchina is easy and there is no danger of injury. On the rock, at a very bright and high place, there are circles carved, the so called “solar circles”. They are associated with sun worship and god Apollo. For this reason, sanctuaries of this type are set up at open, all day sunlit places.

According to Thracology prof. Valeria Fol, the rock sanctuary is related to the cult of the Great Mother Goddess and her son – the God Sun. It is believed that on this place the Thracians performed rituals and sacrifices. For the libations they used to pour rain water, wine, milk and honey in the pools carved in the rock.

Archaeoastronimical studies show that even 3000 years BC on this place the sunrise of God Sun was observed during the summer solstice (today Saint John’s Eve) and rituals were performed, as part of the Orphic philosophical and religious system.

Besides the circles, the place impresses with its beautiful panoramic views. Just before the ridge there is a gazebo and an information plate, introducing the place to the visitors.